Forastero – Morfina

Forastero drops a second advance track of what will be their debut album. After “Submarinista En El Tejado”, now it’s time for “Morfina”.

“It’s one of the first songs we made together as a band, and I think it sums up everything we are,” says drummer Javier “Crudo”, “the mix of harshness and softness, of rudeness and delicacy. We called it ‘Morfina’ because of the hypnotic vibe, but it’s also a tribute to a certain cult band from the nineties. It’s funny, every time people hear a saxophone in a more or less rock-like context, Morphine pops up, even when there is no similarity in sound. It happened to us before, with other bands we played in, and now it’s happening even more, what with the baritone sax and all.”

“This time, though, it’s completely justified, and we’re not hiding it – it’s definitely a nod to Mark Sandman’s band, who we admire very much. We’ve even been lucky enough to have witnessed them play live before his unexpected demise. However, of course there’s much more: ‘Morfina’ represents one of the fundamental things about Forastero’s sound – transgressing genres and pre-conceived formulas, joining seemingly unrelated elements, harmonising extremes. It’s a brutal and sophisticated song, wild and elegant, direct and complex at the same time.”

“If all of the above makes you sceptic, we invite you to come and see for yourself at Siroco on 24 June!”

Forastero are playing live at Siroco in Madrid on Friday, 24 June. More info and tickets here.

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Ya está en la calle, on the street el Oh My (Lost Songs 2006-2016) de Pajaro Sunrise y no, de momento no vamos a dejar de dar la brasa, como los campeones del autobombo que somos.

1. Hay un nuevo vídeo para el enorme “Kahlenberg”
2. Esta semana estuvo en el estudio malasañero de nuestro programa de radio Soleado en Gladys Palmera para hablar de todo menos del disco
3. Este sábado, 11 de junio, es el primero de las seis veces que Yuri Méndez se subirá al escenario muy bien acompañado por Javier Jiménez, y es en Madrid. A partir de ahí la furgo les llevará a Barcelona, Donosti, Zamora y Cerezales del Condado:

11.06 Clamores (Madrid)
17.06 Terrats en Cultura (Barcelona)
18.06 Terrats en Cultura (Barcelona)
24.06 Altxerri (Donosti)
30.06 Ávalon Café (Zamora)
08.07 Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (Cerezales del Condado, León)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Yes, Pajaro Sunrise‘s Oh My (Lost Songs 2006-2016) is out, and yes, we’re going to keep talking about it for a little bit longer, if you don’t mind, as part of the shameless self-promotion experiment we’re currently doing. (Don’t worry, it’s almost finished.)

Here’s why:
1. There’s a new video for the wonderful “Kahlenberg”
2. Our man walked into our studio this week for a cup of tea and a sit-down on our Soleado radio show on Gladys Palmera, which is especially nice to listen to if you’re lucky enough to speak the language of Cervantes
3. This Saturday, 11 June, will be the first of six times Yuri Méndez climbs onto a stage, more than brilliantly accompanied by Javier Jiménez, and it’s in Madrid. After that, the van will take the handsome twosome to Barcelona, San Sebastian, Zamora, and Cerezales del Condado:

11.06 Clamores (Madrid)
17.06 Terrats en Cultura (Barcelona)
18.06 Terrats en Cultura (Barcelona)
24.06 Altxerri (Donosti)
30.06 Ávalon Café (Zamora)
08.07 Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (Cerezales del Condado, León)

TGIF – Pajaro Sunrise’ Oh My (Lost Songs 2006-2016) Is Out Today!

Pajaro Sunrise – Total Mistake

(English below!)

“Total Mistake” es una nueva canción de Pajaro Sunrise.
Está extraída de su próximo álbum que se llama Oh My (Lost Songs 2006-2016).
Dura 3 minutos y 49 segundos. Y mola mil.

Escúchala, solo con esto tu día debería mejorar entre fuerte y muy fuertemente.
El disco estará en la calle el próximo 27 de mayo y sí, como sospechabas que íbamos a decir justo a continuación, es un discazo. Y “Total Mistake” es un temazo, claro.

La canción es un homenaje a lo que viene siendo meter la pata a lo grande.
Y el vídeo, creado por el propio Yuri Méndez con medios cercanos a una superproducción de Hollywood, es un sentido homenaje a las cintas de VHS que después de unas decenas de regrabaciones adquirían vida propia, o al menos eso nos ha parecido a nosotros. El día menos pensado nos venimos arriba y montamos un videoclub, con VHS, claro, que las películas con su poquito de grano se dejan ver mejor. Discográfica con videoclub…, nos vamos a forrar!

En breve más canciones, más detalles y la historia completa del disco, pero ya lo puedes reservar en nuestra tienda online.

Und jetzt, in Englisch:
“Total Mistake” is a new track by Pajaro Sunrise.
It’s taken from his upcoming album entitled Oh My (Lost Songs 2006-2016).
It’s three minutes and forty-nine seconds long.
It rocks bells.
It features a swearword, so be warned.

Listen to it, and your day should improve immediately between five and eleven points on a scale of one to ten.
The record will be out on 27 May, and yes, you guessed right: it is awesome. Like “Total Mistake”, which, as said, rocks bells.

The song is a tribute to what we could call messing up big time.
The video, made by the man himself in true Hollywood blockbuster fashion, is a sincere hommage to the VHS tapes that, after dozens of re-recordings, would take on a life of their own. Or at least that’s what it seems like to us. We could get really excited and open up a video rental shop any day now. We’d rent VHS videos, of course, because any film is better with a bit of grain on it. A record label with a video rental shop… OMG we’re going to be so so rich.

Anyway, we’ll give you more songs, details, why, the whole story on the album soon. In the meantime, you can pre-order Oh My from our online store.