Forastero – Morfina

Forastero drops a second advance track of what will be their debut album. After “Submarinista En El Tejado”, now it’s time for “Morfina”.

“It’s one of the first songs we made together as a band, and I think it sums up everything we are,” says drummer Javier “Crudo”, “the mix of harshness and softness, of rudeness and delicacy. We called it ‘Morfina’ because of the hypnotic vibe, but it’s also a tribute to a certain cult band from the nineties. It’s funny, every time people hear a saxophone in a more or less rock-like context, Morphine pops up, even when there is no similarity in sound. It happened to us before, with other bands we played in, and now it’s happening even more, what with the baritone sax and all.”

“This time, though, it’s completely justified, and we’re not hiding it – it’s definitely a nod to Mark Sandman’s band, who we admire very much. We’ve even been lucky enough to have witnessed them play live before his unexpected demise. However, of course there’s much more: ‘Morfina’ represents one of the fundamental things about Forastero’s sound – transgressing genres and pre-conceived formulas, joining seemingly unrelated elements, harmonising extremes. It’s a brutal and sophisticated song, wild and elegant, direct and complex at the same time.”

“If all of the above makes you sceptic, we invite you to come and see for yourself at Siroco on 24 June!”

Forastero are playing live at Siroco in Madrid on Friday, 24 June. More info and tickets here.

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