Gecko Turner – Chandalismo Ilustrado (CD) LMNK15

Gecko Turner - Chandalismo Ilustrado (CD) LMNK15It´s been a while since “Guapapasea”, Gecko Turner´s first album. This one got great reviews: “Outshining” (Diego Manrique, El País), “brilliant and unusual” (Luis Lapuente, Efeme), “extremely fun” (Santiago Alcanda, El Mundo), Gecko was awarded with the Extremadura Creation´s Award, awarded by a jury lead by Nobel Prize writer Jose Saramago. His songs have been included in more than 30 compilations worldwide from Japan to USA and in several films.

The album is being published on April 2006 by California’s prestigious label “Quango” in the US and Canada and reached the top 10 sellers on Itunes world music section. Gecko has been performing in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden… and in March 2006 performed at the prestigious festival “South by Southwest” in Austin (Texas), and also in New York and Los Angeles. His records can be found on the bags of the world´s most respected Djs and on the most selected record shops worldwide. And after all this, his second album finally arrived:

Chandalismo Ilustrado

An extense and delicious album that explore the same roots that have always inspired Gecko: The “Afromeño Soul” (Southwestern Afro Spanish Soul) that he created on his first album and that references to his unique way of mixing, from his native Badajoz a small town near Portugal, Soul with music from any corner of the world: samba, afrobeat, cuban son, reggae, bossa, blues, latin rhythms or Dylan, and always soul jazz and funk.

If theres something undeniable is the fact that Gecko has created his own style. He has influences from his heroes from Tamla-Motown, master James Brown or his beloved Bob Marley or Lee “Scratch Perry”, even Dylan the poet … something easy to say but not so to achieve. Gecko is a sound handcraftsman. Because he works at home and because he handpicks his musicians, geographically separated sometimes, with care and dedication acting later as a catalyser, to achieve always what he needs, what he hears in his head. Whatever it is, this album sounds even more Gecko Turner.

It would be indecent to introduce this album without mentioning all this musicians, because their contribution is priceless: Javier Vercher’s incredible tenor sax sound, Valencian living in New York and already playing along the biggest names on the most famous jazz clubs; Rubem Dantas, the percussion master, usual collaborator with Paco de Lucia and responsible for the inclusion of the cajon in flamenco music and now Chick Corea´s band regular; Irapoan Freire, Madrid based brazilian trumpet player whose very personal tone can be heard on Caetano Veloso or Vicente Amigo´s recordings among others and that by now is deeply linked to the sound of Gecko records; the amazing Eska Mtungwazi, londonese borned in Zimbawe, with a voice that has earned her “the new queen of UK soul” reputation; famed cuban jazz musicians based in Spain like Javier Masó “Caramelo” on piano, Yelsy Heredia on upright bass, Luis Barbería on vocals and Oreste Nodas on congas. The delicious guitar of Edu Nascimento (Salvador de Bahía), the solid drums of north american Brannen Temple, the african voices of Piruchi Apo (Guinea) and Mila Domingos (Angola), the jazz touch of Pepin Muñoz on drums, the magic pulse of Alvaro Fdez. “Dr. Robelto” on bass, jazz guitar player Rafa Prieto, the percussion of Jose Mikea (Afrobrass) and the young Javi Mojave… you can even hear Gudú, relaxed mastin and tired eyed good fella, leading the house and not missing the mics magic date adding some barks here and there…

There’s a bit of everything between songs. Its one of those albums that needs time to be asimilated, but given the time, that third listen, you wont be able to let it go. It has many shades, with emphasis on the surprise factor from song to song. It continuosly brings you back and forth from the street to the club, its an authentic celebration of afroamerican music, spiced with a thousend other things… Our recomendation is that you spend some time with it. It’s a slow burner. Something this original is not an accident. You wont miss a place to stop, enjoy a good listen, rethink a sound… When this happens to you, you´ll be following the good path of a natural perfectionist like Gecko. Nothing is there for no reason.

This album means a very important step for Gecko and Lovemonk. It means the reward to a bet and a dream that we believed in, and that time turned true. Why the title? Gecko only wears jumpsuits…

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