Gecko Turner – Corazón De Jesús

Gecko Turner presents his new video for “Corazón de Jesús”, the second single taken from his fourth album That Thing By The Place With The Cool Name.

Directed by Leandro Cordova and produced by Miguel Catalán, this is also his second video shot in Mexico, albeit in a completely different setting than the previous one, “Chicken Wire”. In lieu of dancing with the stars of the Allende Square Dance, our soul brother from Extremadura entered a giant garbage dump called Cabeza de Juárez, in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, near Mexico City. A place which, with some optimism, could be called dangerous. The team had about 40 minutes to explore the immense area, find some good spots, and shoot the video. They got four takes done before a group of gentlemen arrived on the scene, who strongly advised them to go get a couple of morning tacos. Luckily, Cardova, Catalán and their crew had their perfect shot of Gecko taking a stroll in the dump and singing his song.

Gecko claims he felt protected by the Virgin of Guadalupe at all times (director Leandro was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the Virgin on it, just in case).

Meanwhile, at Lovemonk HQ they’re still wondering how on earth things went from making a video featuring a mariachi band, as discussed in the first talks with the producer, to shooting at a place like that.