Gecko Turner (feat. Eska) – Monosabio Blues (7-inch) LMNKV25

Gecko Turner - Monosabio Blues (7-inch) LMNKV25Gecko Turner´s latest album is one of those hidden treasures that shines in a record collection. And this song certainly shines on the album.

Monosabio Blues is an effortless NuSoul track sung by AfroBritish Super Soul Sister Eska Mtungwazi. The song sounds like a D´Angelo groove sung and charmed by the amazing voice of Eska. It may look good on paper, but sounds even better when listened to properly.

For the B-side, Lovemonk have had the pleasure of meeting Philip Owusu, of Owusu and Hannibal fame. The Dane has done a hard-to-describe remix, but it suggests a dark trip through the boogie eighties commanded by Quincy Jones. If that does not seem like your thing, just listen and judge for yourself.

The package is a fantastic 45´ with artwork from Poland, following their great graphic design tradition.

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