Gecko Turner – Guapapasea! (CD) LMNK01

Gecko Turner - Guapapasea! (CD) LMNK01 Gecko Turner is a Spanish guitar-vocal-songwriter-home studio sort, into mixing and matching different styles, usually black music forms that are less current hip-hop mixes than they are old-school ’70s. Even then the music is less hard/funky than it is an understated groove thang, similar in some respects to what Manu Chao did with Clandestino and Proxima Estacion: Esperanza, but from a different musical angle. And Guapapasea! is a strong debut that works in its low-key way, insinuating and worming its way in so long as you don’t come in expecting big-bang musical fireworks.  ~ Don Snowden

More info:
Recorded on Gecko’s Living Room (2001-2003); Jammin Studios, Merida, Spain (2001-2003); Kobra, Badajoz (2001-2003); Madreselva Studios, Madrid, Spain (2001-2003). Staff: Gecko Turner (vocals, guitars, percussion, programming); Gene “Chunga” Garcia (vocals); Diego Antunez (flute); Javier Vercher (tenor saxophone); Irapoan Freire, Irapoam Freire (trumpet); Rodney d’Assis (snare drum, congas, agogo, pandeiro, shaker, tambourine); Rodney Dassiff (snare drum, agogo, pandeiro, shaker); Rubem Dantas (congas, agogo, cuica, cymbals, kalimba).

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