Instituto Mexicano del Sonido – Méjico Máxico (CD) LMNK09

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido - Méjico Máxico (CD) LMNK09From the emerging Mexico D.F. underground comes up an unexpected record. IMS is a one man project; Camilo Lara. A truly icon of the city, Camilo spends his daytime working in one of those box-set office that holds a system of a 25 million souls city, but when he steps out he gets involved with the underground musica movement and starts his musical mission delivering small and pretty electronic masterpieces with the only help from his computer, his nurturing imagination and his awesome collection of vinyl’s.

Camilo is not a computer nerd isolated in a big city or some kind of a mad guy suffering from autism. He is a really cool and easy guy that got to know just what it takes to make his music. The key is in the exquisite taste of different music references used on the record and his ability to blend it in a way so natural and full of magic that even the most cunning audience will get surprised and delighted.

Camilo has been, for the most of us, a reference during the years and a kind of musical trendsetter for those that wanted to know what was happing around the globe in the most diverse styles. That is the importance, that his yearly compilations sent to his friends on Christmas time with the musical cream of the year and unique and unreleased pieces from IMS plus a picture or a cartoon of Camilo on the cover have become a hunted an rare treasure to be collected. This joyful hobby for Camilo leads him to do remixes for bands and friends like Placebo, Le Hammond Inferno Gecko Turner or Babasónicos. In words of Camilo “Doing remixes is a good excuse to touch and handling other people´s work you love and even get credited for that”.

It’s funny to know that IMS equals the acronym for “Mexican Social Security System”(Instituto Mexicano de la Salud), and we fully believe in the healing power and medical qualities of a deep trip into this record. Please let it play on your stereo from beginning to end and you will feel a quick recovery of your sense of humor, human warmth, and will to live in peace and joy. You will discover between the lines snatches of Cumbia, Cha, Cha, Chas, Esquivel’s glimpses (Grande!), and multiples winks for kids to elderly people. Juan Rulfo poems read by Rulfo himself, Dub (big fan!), Electronic beats, more than 300 samplings from songs back to the 20’s and up to 60’s carefully pitched and a whole lot of latin impossible to tell influences that only live in his head.


Louise Katternhorn (Producer – One Music BBC Radio 1)
”I really like it – will flag it up to Rob and Huw.”

Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz)
”Wicked! Love it!”

Andy Grainger (Swell Music)
”Loving the IMS.”

Paddy Freeform (Universal Vibes)
”A welcome kick to the ‘world music’ scene’s arse. Interesting music, going to take a few listens to sink in.”

Lewis Dene (Update, DJ, Blues & Soul, Record Collector, BBCi)
”This is going to be hard, Spanish lyrics, Mexican sounds, and electronic trip hop beats!!!! DIFFERENT!!!”

Damian Rafferty (
”Superb. It’s out with one of my reviewer’s now.”

Paul Clarke (DJ Mag/Touch)
”I’m reviewing this for DJ mag.”

Jon Freer (
”I’ll be reviewing this soon.”


01. Bienvenidos A Mi Disco
02. Ok!
03. Miranda A Las Muchachas
04. Jaja Pipi
05. Buena Idea
06. Drume Negrita
07. Cybermambo
08. Juan Rulfo
09. Corasound
10. Canción De Amor Para Mi Futura Novia
11. Sabrosa
12. Hey Tía !
13. Que Rico
14. Dub-A El Tiempo Es Muy Largo
15. No Hay Masa Ya

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