Martín Buscaglia – El Evangelio Según Mi Jardinero (CD) LMNK16

Martín Buscaglia - El Evangelio Según Mi Jardinero (CD) LMNK16Martin Buscaglia, a 32 years old Uruguayan singer-song-writer, had the luck of being taught by innumerable fake uncles and cousins which were in fact his parents’ colleagues, a selected bunch of artists from an exquisite cultural scene in Montevideo in mid 70’s. Little Martin by that time would’t go to sleep late at night just to catch some more of this vibe that was nurturing and shaping his young artistic soul.

After that came street and other influences like “El Principe”, The Beatles, Tom Waits, Marc Ribbot, Marvin Gaye, Clareice Lispector, Michael Jackson, Jorge Ben, Terry Gilliam, Legiåo Urbana and shake them up until 1997 when the first album entitled “Llevenle” came out. Live performances have always been one of his best assets. His ability with multiple instruments soon was admired and required by musicians Charlie García, Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Antunes or his close pal Jorge Drexler.

His new album is a delicate and capturing album. Sometimes raw and rough, sometimes dirty. He plays a Banjo recovered from the alley’s dustbin, or a rajastani ravanatha that Martin is still incapable of extracting any reasonable sound out of, or electronic toy guns, or a Zamfona (a prehistoric instrument only found in Arab countries nowadays) or even a tiny Simon with his four colours and tones, there are bases created with a filthy Atari 81…

Don’t know why but sure all this has definitely contributed to this unique sound. Meaning a real artistic metamorphosis for Martin, an avantgarde look of what the latin American movement of singer-song-writers could be beyond his tradition but not forgetting it. This way, Martin offers new views of classical songs like “El Vagabundo” from Los Panchos with a low-fi electronic base, or a delicate and minimal cover of “Lovin’ You” from Minnie Riperton. Besides you’ll find a personal mixture of this organic and traditional sound from his country together with deep black music influences, from Gilberto Gil, to George Clinton or Prince. Martin counts for this album with some of his friends like Arnaldo Antunes (Tribalistas) adding his deep voice to the first track “Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia y Sofia” or the soft and evoking sound of Juana Molina’s voice on “Tirivial Polonio”.

An astonishing album that will take you from your room to the dancefloors and from your childhood to the stars. The smallest and the biggest within.

1. Cerebro, orgasmo, envidia y Sofía (Feat. Arnaldo Antunes).
2. Ante la duda todo
3. Lavapiés (Jesus is my coach)
4. Trivial Polonio (Feat. Juana Molina)
5. Chúpame la mente Cable
6. El Toscano del Papa
7. Lovin´you
8. Vagabundo
9. El evangelio según mi jardinero
10. Presiento que esta noche soy un Lirio
11. Ocelote Alondra
12. Viajar contigo es como escuchar la vida secreta de los lirios
13. La momia gitana
14. Budismo tropical

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