Mojo Project – Taste The Mojo (CD) LMNK04

Mojo Project - Taste the mojo (CD) LMNK04“BEST NEWCOMER BAND 2004 AWARD” (EL PAIS)

Mojo Project´s first album is an incredible surprise coming from Madrid.Mojo is an spanish word for an spicy sauce made with a wide variety of ingredients very common in the Canary Islands.This defines the Mojo style really well , the fusion of many interesting ingredients into a unique flavour… or sound, Mojo´s sound.

Mojo Project is the main live dance act in Spain, during the past two years they have played live more than 150 gigs, with a powerful live show that always surprises their public and make them start the dance.The band is lead by Africa and an incredible frontgirl with a black voice and a flamenco soul.

The album was recorded in Madrid and co produced by Spanish funky breaks Don Rubén “Watch TV” García, and then mixed in London with the incredible mixing skills of Toni Economides from Da Lata and Kv5.

The album moves from soul, disco, latin, afro,  funk, house, to broken beats and even flamenco updating the acid jazz sounds.

An album ready for you to discover.


1. Make me roll
2. In my life
3. Free
4. My rules
5. Could you
6. Nana for child
7. La tristeza
8. Still Alive
9. Tell me why
10. Nothing Better
11. Electric Life
12. Good Luck (feat Concha Buika)
13. Where is the butterfly