Pajaro Sunrise – Pajaro Sunrise (CD) LMNK18

Pajaro Sunrise - Pajaro Sunrise (CD) LMNK18The debut album of Pajaro Sunrise consists on ten beautiful songs. That’s it. You just buy it, your ears will appreciate it.

‘Pajaro Sunrise’ is formed by Yuri and Pepe, a couple of fine lads. They’re in their mid 20’s (26), come from Leon (Spain) and do not have an artistic past to talk about. Of course they’ve played together as well as in separate bands, but that’s not what really matters here. The interesting thing is that they’vetasted some pop, jazz, and country… (it’s only natural that they’ve tried a little bit of everything), but slowly.

In space you cannot move fast” (Pájaro Sunrise)

A turning point in their career was the moment in which they began to exchange ideas over the Internet. At that time, they lived in different cities and what they created then are homemade demos with an electronic flavour. The most strking thing is that they did it just for fun. They simply started sendind songs to each other over a two-month period and that’s how ‘Rosesgrow’ was born: a track with the naïve tone of their first demo which has been preserved untouched in the album.

People have children to create their own –ism.’ (Pajaro Sunrise)

Some time later, they decided to move to Madrid and set up their humble studio in a rented flat. They sent a couple of songs wrapped up in freaky paper to Lovemonk thinking the label’s slogan – ‘Discos Buenos” (good records)– made them justice. Eventually, they managed to sign with Lovemonk.

It’s a weird monkey, very funky!” (Pajaro Sunrise)

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El primer disco de PAJARO SUNRISE consiste en diez canciones muy bonitas. Solo eso!

Ellos son Pep y Yuri, dos veinteañeros que se confiesan fans de Monthy Pyton y The Simpsons. Un disco de debut  de apenas 38 minutos de audio que sorprende por su madurez y su delicadeza.

Un disco lleno de sol de California y de reminiscencias de los mejores 70’s pero magistralmente traído a nuestros días.

El disco fue acogido con mucho calor por los medios especializados, se publicó en Japón y Corea del Sur y fue distribuido por todo el mundo. El grupo suscitó mucho interés e incluso hizo una gira por Europa que les llevó a Alemania, Austria, Suiza, Bélgica, Holanda y la República Checa.

En España fueron elegidos como talento FNAC y los premios de La Noche en Vivo les seleccionaron entre los tres mejores grupos nacionales los dos últimos años.

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