Quantic – Mishaps Happening (CD) LMNK06

Quantic - Mishaps Happening (CD) LMNK06Quantic’s third solo album delivers a veritable melting pot of grooves – fusing erstwhile soul, funk, samba and jazz with roughed up, toughed up future beats.

‘Mishaps Happening’ features guest appearances by Alice Russell, French MC Trinidad and Will’s banjo-plucking father, Terry Holland.

But if collaborations are the fuel to Quantic’s musical fire, nothing fans the flames higher than the inclusion of two tracks recorded with US soul legend, Spanky Wilson – ‘Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man’ and ‘When You’re Through.’


01. Mishaps Happening
02. Use What You Got feat Sonny Akpan
03. Sound Of Everything feat Alice Russell
04. En Focus feat Trinidad
05. Trees And Seas
06. Angels And Albotrosses
07. Furthest Moment
08. Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man feat. Spanky Wilson
09. Prelude To Happening
10. When you’re Through feat Spanky Wilson
11. Perception
12. So Long feat Alice Russell

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