Re Mojo Project – Taste The Mojo Remixed (CD) LMNK08

Re Mojo Project - Taste The Mojo Remixed (CD) LMNK08“ BEST NEWCOMER BAND 2004 AWARD” (EL PAIS)

The Mojo Project really don’t need to tighten up too much – they’re the hottest band to burst out of Spain for a little while. Even inside Spain, El Pais acclaimed them as the best Spanish newcomers of 2004, whilst outside, heavyweights from Rainer Trüby to Mad Mats and Michael Reinboth are some of their more notorious fans.

Well, when the most sincere form of flattery is imitation, the next best has to be a sharp remix – the ReMojo Project is a loveletter from some real international tastemakers. The acoustic-fashioned songs of their first album get the remix treatment by some of the best remixers around, and we’ve even got a cheeky exclusive unreleased track (‘Sweet Connection’) to keep those classic Mojo fires burning…

There’s also a few dancefloor bombs and the best bits of a couple of already-released 12”s. From the SUMO and Da Lata crackers to more housey bits like the reworks of a pair of Balearic dons in David Penn and Kiko Navarro, plus Greenskeepers, John Arnold and Break Reform… tasty!


1. Electric Life | Fundación Tony Manero Mix
2. Could You | David Penn Mix
3. Sweet Connection | Unreleased
4. Free | SUMO Sweet Bossa Bonus Mix
5. Tell Me Why | Kiko Navarro Funk Explosion Mix
6. Nana for Child | Da Lata Mix
7. In My Life | John Arnold Mix
8. La Tristeza | Alejandro Acosta Mix
9. Free | SUMO Vocal Bounce
10. Make Me Roll | Pablo Sánchez Cinnamon Mix
11. The Butterfly | Break Reform Mix
12. My Rules | Muerto Imprevistos Mix
13. Good Luck feat Concha Buika | 2 Brothers Of Soul mix
14. In My Life | Greenskeepers Dub Mix

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