Soleado 182 – Synth Boxing – 10/9/13

Madrid’s Olympic dreams have been blown to bits last weekend, but in this week’s Soleado we’re proposing a new Olympic discipline for Tokyo 2020 anyway: synth-boxing. Our friend Brunetto is giving us the lowdown on what we can expect at the Synth Boxing showcase at the MMVV fest in Vic, Spain next week. Also, Señorlobo and Lubacov are playing top tunes by Bixiga 70, Frootful, Glen Scott, Deela, José James and About Group.

Del sueño olímpico de Madrid ya queda poco más que cenizas, pero en Soleado proponemos una nueva disciplina para Tokio 2020: el synth boxing. Nuestro amigo Brunetto nos explica lo que pasará durante la Synth Boxing showcase en el festival MMVV en Vic, mientras Señorlobo y Lubacov ponen temazos de Bixiga 70, Frootful, Glen Scott, Deela, José James y About Group.

Gladys Palmera

Metaphor – Summer Time (Kon Edit)
Bixiga 70 – Retirantes
Frootful – Blackberry Jam
Glen Scott – Deep In It
Finis Africae – Zoo Zulu
Caballo Feat. Pernett – Calle Infierno
Deela – Mundo Latino (Quick Edit)
Analog Players Society – I Can’t Wait (Pickster Do-Over Edit)
Verticle Lines – Beach Boy (Instrumental)
K-Maxxx – Dreaming Of You
Synth Boxing:
Limonious – Brick
Mesak Feat. Subtitle – Clothes Make The Man
Fitzroy North Feat. Pubs P – Realization
Nin?o – 1979 1st Take (It Easy)
(música de fondo:
Duke Slammer – Pleasure Bot (Fitzroy North Remix)
Nin?o – Mallete
Beatbully – Silent Escape
Melkeveien – Mjosa)
About Group – You’re No Good (Theo Parrish Translation With Aashong)
Gummy Soul – Live And Let Live
Jose? James – It’s All Over Your Body (Oddisee Remix)
Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
Harmonious Thelonious – The Grasshopper Was the Witness (Elmore Judd & Rown Park Remix)