Soleado 201 – ¡Viva Santa Teresa! – 28/01/14

Mientras todos esperamos ver los primeros frutos de la labor de Santa Teresa en la recuperación del país, Señorlobo y Lubacov siguen a lo suyo con lo nuevo de Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, Amp Fiddler, Strand, Qui, Genf Pakula y el misterioso Vibe Nuh.
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While we’re all waiting to see the results of Saint Theresa’s contributions to the recovery of Spain (it’s a satanic Spanish politics thing you wouldn’t understand), Señorlobo & Lubacov keep at it, playing some new tunes the young people will enjoy by such brilliant artists as Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, Amp Fiddler, Strand, Qui, Genf Pakula and the mysterious Vibe Nuh. Spanish spoken, but give our Facebook page a “Like” and we’ll give you this show’s mixtape (so no incomprehensible foreign babbling between the songs) for free!

Gladys Palmera

Ensemble Amaro De Souza & Coaty De Oliveira – Agua De Poço
Vibe Nuh – Calimocho
Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Blind Mind
Silverman – Analog X (Diesler Remix)
LOUISAHHH!!! – Brazzavillage Dance Commando x Windshield Wiper Law (Trickski & dOP Bootleg)
Pursuit Grooves – Cold Runnin
Qui – Kicked Out Of Mime College
Phantogram – Fall In Love
Hess Is More – Go Go Go Go
Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson Feat. Torae & Yarbrough – Potatoes
Amp Fiddler Feat. Raphael Saadiq – Take It
Pugs Atomz Feat. Ill Legit & Simbad – Gone Do
Francis Harris Feat. Gry – Lostfound
Genf Pakula – Through The Night
The Funky Knuckles Feat. Cyfa Fix – [12]3,4
Frankie Beverly & Maze – Twilight (Instrumental)
Letherette – D&T
Tree – Probably Nu It
Verbal Kent – Raponomics
Strand With The Banksters & The Financial Horns – De Sucios Desahucios