Soleado 70 – 5/3/11

We’ve had to change the location of the Soleado podcast for the umpteenth time. From now on, you can find us on Mixcloud. We promise to stay there from now on. Honest, guv.

Nos hemos tenido que cambiar de sitio una vez más. A partir de ahora estaremos en Mixcloud. Promoetemos quedarnos ahí, de verdadeverdadeverdad!

Soleado 70 @ Mixcloud

hora 1
Serge Gainsbourg – Là-bas c’est naturel (1964, Gainsbourg Percussions, Philips)
Elis Regina – Tereza Sabe Sambar (2011, Bossa Nova and The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s, Soul Jazz Records)
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Colombia (2011, GRC Bailables Volume 2, Nonames)
Afro Dizzi Act – Toubabau (Mr Fish & Paprika’s Pan Fried Recipe Remake) (2011, Afro Dizzi Act Remixed, Mighty Highness)
The Clash – Mustapha Dance (1982, Mustapha Dance, CBS)
Charanga 76 – Music Trance (1979, Music Trance, TR Records)
Black Machine – How Gee (Sax Mix) (1991, How Gee, Boy Records)
Shaolin Temple Defenders – Fall silent (2010, Take It Slow, Soulbeats Records)
Chuck Brown – Funky Stuff (2010, We Got This, Raw Venture)
Gotcha! – Naked (1993, Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!, BMG Ariola Benelux)
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Mr. Soul Machine Gun (2010, Uhuru Peak, Back Fire Records/P-Vine Records)
Al Jarreau – Roof Garden (2009, The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure, Rhino Records)
Ben Vaughn – Dressed In Black (1993, Dressed In Black, Restless Records)

hora 2
Danny And Dusty – Song for the Dreamers (1985, The Lost Weekend, A&M Records)
Jalwal, Annie & Geerasak – Klug Tum La (2011, Thai? Dai! – The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground, Finders Keepers)
Caetano Veloso – Lost In The Paradise (1969, Tropicália – A Brazilian Revolution In Sound, Soul Jazz Records)
Gal Costa – Barato Total (1974, Cantar, Philips)
Cardova – Baccarra (2011, Baccarra, Lovemonk)
Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Combo ReEdit) (2011, Radio Ga Ga (Combo ReEdit), Not on label)
The Rising Sunz – Sunrize (1996, Lessons EP, Henry Street Music)
Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (1978, Kiss Me Again, Sire)
Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Blended Babies Remix) (2011, Mine Is Yours (Blended Babies Remix), Downtown Music)
Golden Flamingo Orchestra Featuring Margo Williams – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us (1979, The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us, Golden Flamingo Records)
Tunng – Hustle (2010, …And Then We Saw Land, Full Time Hobby)
Ernesto Torrealba Y Su Conjunto – Cumbia Sobre El Llano (1981, Cumbia Sobre El Llano, Sonolux)
Chase – Open Up Wide (1996, Chase, One Way Records Inc)