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Out and About

Out and About is out indeed.

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Venezuela born, Barcelona-based Pablo Sánchez drops the laid-back but steady grooving “Out And About”. A funky rhythm section switching shuffle and go-go, wah-wah guitars, a pinch of brass, nuff percussion from our friend Nappy G, and fellow producer Ezel on the organ. Can you say “summertime”?

In the remix department, Berlin-based brothers Kyodai provide some delicious peak-time fun adding vocal snippets, a prominent piano and a rather impatient 4/4 beat. Swedish boy wonder Opolopo steps up the pace as well with a funked-up and slightly spacey house rework (nod to Parliament Funkadelic included).

Grab it here or from your favourite record store, or use our fantabulous shop.


Chip Wickham remixed by Captain Planet!

Charlie B. Wilder (aka Captain Planet) remix one of the wicked songs of Chip Wickham’s 7-inch for his new maxi-single, edited by Bastard Jazz.

Charlie B. Wilder (aka Captain Planet) ha remezclado uno de los dos temazos del 7″ de Chip Wickham para su próximo maxi, que acaba de editar el prestigioso sello Bastard Jazz.

Spread Love Party: Daniel Kyo + Casbah73 + Señorlobo

This is Lovemonk’s most electronic side at the newly renovated Siroco. We’re gonna see if their sound system sounds as good as they say and meanwhile you can listen to new 12 inches from Casbah 73 and Daniel Kyo which will be available sometime this Spring.

Lovemonk presents: Spread Love

El lado más electrónico de Lovemonk en el renovado Siroco. Vamos a probar si su equipo de sonido suena tan bien como dicen y de paso podrás escuchar los nuevos 12″ de Casbah 73 y Daniel Kyo que estarán a tu alcance en algún momento esta primavera.

Lovemonk presents: Spread Love