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Pajaro Sunrise – Old Goodbyes (CD/LP) LMNK40

Pajaro Sunrise - Old Goodbyes (CD/LP) LMNK40Yuri Mendez Jr. has an amazing gift for composing good songs. He arranges them and records them brilliantly, and then groups them together on an album in an unpredictable yet cohesive way (his last album had 22 tracks; this one only has 8).  Yuri Méndez Jr. is a true artisan in the best sense of the word.

This is Pajaro Sunrise’s third album, and although the essentials haven’t changed (good songs, great songs), the rest has certainly evolved. Yuri’s voice sounds more and more emphatic, and with an extensive register full of nuances, he sings a story in every song.  In doing this, he covers a stunning vocal range that dazzles from the first listen.

Yuri has been playing together with the same fantastic band for some time now.  With them, he has rehearsed the tracks (many of which they were already playing in concerts), and then gone into the studio where almost everything was recorded with everyone playing live. The benefits of having a group that has already travelled together, as well as shared stages and life experiences are evident.  And, if this disc breathes anything, it’s travel, highways, and familiar stories stolen from faraway places that also feel nearby.  It’s a grandiose yet intimate album that thrills and grows with each listen.

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Yuri Méndez Jr es un tipo con una facilidad pasmosa para componer buenas canciones. Luego las arregla y las graba de manera brillante para finalmente agruparlas en discos de manera imprevisible pero coherente (su anterior álbum era doble y tenía 22 canciones, mientras que este solo tiene 8). Yuri Méndez Jr es un artesano en el mejor sentido posible de la palabra.

Este es el tercer disco de Pajaro Sunrise y aunque lo esencial no ha cambiado (buenas canciones, grandes canciones), lo demás si ha evolucionado. La voz de Yuri cada vez suena más rotunda. Con un amplio registro y llena de matices, Yuri canta una historia en cada canción y para ello recurre a una apabullante variedad vocal que deslumbra desde la primera escucha.

Yuri se ha rodeado de una fantástica banda estable desde hace ya algún tiempo. Con ella ha ensayado las canciones, muchas de las cuales ya venían tocando en sus conciertos, para luego meterse en el estudio, donde casi todo se grabó con todos tocando en directo. Los beneficios de contar con la complicidad de un grupo con el que ya se han compartido viajes, escenarios y experiencias vitales, son evidentes. Y si este disco respira algo es viaje, carretera, historias familiares robadas de lugares que nos son ajenos pero cercanos. Es un disco grandioso e íntimo a la vez que emociona y crece con cada escucha

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Bing Ji Ling – Shadow To Shine (CD) LMNK42

Bing Ji Ling - Shadow To Shine (CD) LMNK42The nom de plume of one Quinn Luke, Bing Ji Ling is a NYC–based producer/musician with a rich legacy of work behind and in front of him. Having co-produced, written, recorded and performed two full length records, an EP, and a slew of singles (not to mention numerous collaborations and remixes), Luke thought the time was right to work with outside producers for the first time. Produced by Embassy Sound Productions (Sean Marquand and Daniel Collas, the men behind Phenomenal Handclap Band), the forthcoming LP, Shadow to Shine, is an infectious concoction of Soul, Pop and Psychedelia full of summer jams destined for heavy rotation. Featuring members of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Scissor Sisters, Antibalas and Phenomenal Handclap Band, Shadow to Shine is a work of stunning, soulful talent, marking the finest chapter in Luke’s already accomplished career.

The Background
As a member of the Phenomenal Handclap Band, Luke has toured the World supporting acts such as Franz Ferdinand, Simian Mobile Disco, and the Gossip, as well as playing festivals such as O2 Wireless, Latitude (U.K.), Field Day (Australia) and BBK Live (Spain). As Coppa, a duo comprised of Luke and legendary crate-digging haven Chris Veltri (of Groove Merchant), Luke has also produced a series of 12-inch singles that have earned the praise of Space Disco tastemakers Prins Thomas and Todd Terje. As Q&A (formerly Expanding Head Band), a duo with Tussle songwriter Alexis Georgopoulos Luke has releases on DFA Records, Smalltown Supersound, and Lo Recordings. Luke is also a constant member of legendary skater-cum-musician Tommy Guerrero’s group, who regularly wow crowds at various international festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival (Japan).

Bing Ji Ling
Named for the Chinese words for Ice Cream (Luke spent a year in Shanghai and became fluent in Mandarin during his residency), as Bing Ji Ling Luke has released two full-length albums, an EP and numerous singles. Last year’s single, “Home”, culled from his EP June Degrees in December – featured remixes by Tokyo Black Star, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and Blackjoy. The track has received significant support, most notably from David Mancuso at his legendary party “The Loft.” A Japan only compilation of Luke’s work to date was released in the Fall of 2009. Luke toured Japan, U.S. and Europe to promote June Degrees in December, including PS-1 Warm Up Music Series in New York City and SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. Over the past few years, Luke has also played venerable hot–spots such as Bowery Ballroom and Knitting Factory (NYC), Viper Room (LA), the Warfield (SF) and Liquid Room (Tokyo). The albums include contributions from No Doubt’s drummer Adrian Young and Luke’s right-hand man Merkely. Press interest has led to coverage in Pitchfork, XLR8R, Swindle, and ReUp Magazine.

The New LP
In 2005, Luke relocated from San Francisco to New York. With the move, came a renewed sense of purpose. After releasing the EP June Degrees In December, which found Luke bringing his taste for yacht rock and 80s R&B to the fore, he decided to work with outside producers for the first time. In the Fall of 2008, with Marquand and Collas at the controls, Luke set about trying something he’d never done: write songs and let the producers guide the direction each song would take. The results speak for themselves: a brilliant, effervescent album that showcases undeniable pop singles, brilliant arrangements and the breadth of a classic long–playing album.

Two minutes into the album’s infectious opening track “Move On”, you can tell this is something special. Recalling classic Motown in a way that would make Mark Ronson jealous, the song opens up with a dubbed–out flute solo breakdown. Meanwhile, the classic fuzztones and acoustic strum of “Bye Bye” recalls the oft–overlooked 70’s work by Arthur Lee’s Love. The swagger soul of “Hold Tight” showcases Luke’s vocal acrobatics, his pitch–perfect falsetto showing impressive range. Meanwhile, the gentle lilt of “Sunshine Love” shows Luke isn’t just a rocker, he’s a lover too.

Luke has the kind of melodic sensibility most would kill for. Which says nothing of his musical chops and taste for vintage instruments. Utilizing a small arsenal of gear that includes: A Fender Rhodes piano, analog synthesizers, all manner of percussion and bass, drums and guitar, Luke coaxes a warm, familiar sound that sounds fresh.

The latter–half of the album finds Luke opening things up. The breezy “Hypnotized” maybe the album’s deep cut, a brilliantly arranged gem which draws on Bill Withers and Shuggie Otis – with a sly wink to the Beatles – again showcasing Luke’s knack for catchy, memorable vocal hooks and producers’ Marquand & Collas inventive arrangements. Somewhere, Burt Bacharach is smiling. “Some Things Never Change” is a lovely ballad, combining baroque Pop with classic LA Pop. As usual, Luke has a knack for a chorus that won’t leave your mind. Closer “Where Am I Gonna Go” is a lovely, acoustic track that suggests a Hendrix ballad as written by Erlend Øye – filtered through an echo chamber – it brings the album down gently to an intimate close.

Unquestionably Shadow to Shine is Luke’s shining moment to date. It’s the kind of album – like all great Pop music – that etches itself into you: The work of a great songwriter, great musicians and great producers pursuing something together.

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Bing Ji Ling (o lo que es lo mismo, “helado” en mandarín) es el pseudónimo de Quinn Luke, productor y músico californianio establecido en New York y miembro destacado de Incarnations y Phenomenal Handclap Band. Después de haber co-producido, escrito, grabado y realizado él mismo todos sus anteriores trabajos, en esta ocasión Quinn ha dejado la producción del disco en manos de Embassy Sound Productions (Sean Marquand y Daniel Collas). En el álbum también han colaborado miembros de Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Scissor Sisters, Antibalas y, como no podía ser de otra forma, Phenomenal Handclap Band.

Quinn tiene ese tipo de sensibilidad melódica por la que cualquier músico mataría, patente desde el comienzo del álbum con esas reminiscencias de la Motown en “Move on” hasta la acústica “Where Am I Gonna Go”. Entre medias, encontramos ecos al soul de Bill Withers y Shuggie Otis, las canciones sencillas y redondas de Burt Bacharach o incluso The Beatles o los destellos psicodélicos de Arthur Lee. Sin duda Shadow to Shine es el momento más brillante en la carrera de Bing Ji Ling. Es el tipo de álbum que, como todos los grandes del Pop, se te queda grabado en el corazón: el trabajo de un gran compositor junto a grandes músicos y mejores productores.

Más info:

Quinn Lucke ha firmado dos álbumes, un EP y un montón de singles bajo el nombre de Bing Ji Ling, que han despertado el interés de la prensa especializada como Pitchfork, XLR8R, Swindle y ReUp Magazine. Su primer 12″ en Lovemonk, Home, es un clásico desde su aparición de las míticas fiestas The Loft de David Mancuso. Como miembro de Phenomenal Handclap Band, Quinn ha recorrido medio mundo participando en festivales como Glastonbury, O2 Wireless y Latitude (Reino Unido), Field Day (Australia) y BBK Live (España), y ha teloneando a grupos como Franz Ferdinand, Gossip y Simian Mobile Disco. Como Coppa, un dúo compuesto por Luke y Veltri Chris (responsable de la mítica tienda de San Francisco Groove Merchant), Luke ha producido también una serie de singles de 12 pulgadas que se han ganado el elogio de Space Disco tastemakers Prins Thomas y Todd Terje. Como Q & A (anteriormente Expanding Head Band), un dúo con Alexis Georgopoulos, el compositor de Tussle, Luke tiene discos en el sello DFA, Smalltown Supersound y Lo Recordings. Luke es también miembro permanente del legendario grupo de skatercum-music de Tommy Guerrero.

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Wild Honey – Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug (CD) LMNK38

Wild Honey - Epic Handshakes And A Bear Hug (CD) LMNK38For us, Wild Honey was love at first sight.After listening to just the beginning of “Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug,” we were head over heels with Guillermo Farré’s songs.How could we not like an album that is so impeccable in both its substance and form?If you take Guillermo’s innate talent as a composer, musician and producer, add the great mixing of Brad Jones (Ron Sexmith, Josh Rouse, etc), and the visual imagination of Pablo Serrat (Grande Graphix) with the artwork, what we have is a well-rounded disc in every sense of the word
Although the disc has had a long journey (it was published more than a year ago in an exclusive edition on 180 gr. red vinyl and put together by hand by Guillermo himself), and has been recognized by the specialized press as one of those essential rarities for the refined ear, we had no other choice but to re-release it on CD and get it out there for the world to hear.Because, lest we forget, here at Lovemonk we wave the flag of “bonitismo,” and if there’s one thing we know, it’s a good record.And “Epic Handshakes and Bear Hug” is just that.
As Enrique Ramos said in the first promo sheet, “It’s an album that exudes a love for music. You can hear echoes of The Brill Building, The Zombies, Scott Walker’s first album, the Sherman brothers Disney soundtracks, Michel Legrand, Curt Boettcher, bubblegum music, and the entire distance between sentimental and upbeat music from the first half of 20th century America to an accessible Sufjan Stevens or Jens Lekman with an innocent look and voice.Tidy pop that means to sound pretty, and it does. It’s filled with with complete songs, careful arrangements and tributes.”

More info:
Behind Wild Honey, we find Guillermo Farré (the bassist of the Madrid group the Mittens) with his solo endeavour.In his work as composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has released two EPs (“The House By The Sea” in the beginning of 2008 and “Diamond Mountain” in 2010), and an LP (“Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug”) released on vinyl in October of 2009, and which is now being released on CD and digital format by Lovemonk.

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Lo nuestro con Wild Honey fue un amor a primera vista. Tan sólo con escuchar el comienzo de “Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug” nos enamoramos perdidamente de las canciones de Guillermo Farré. ¿Cómo no nos iba a gustar un álbum tan cuidado, tanto en el contenido como en la forma? Si al talento innato de Guillermo como compositor, intérprete y productor, le sumamos el buen hacer de Brad Jones (Ron Sexmith , Josh Rouse…) en las mezclas y la imaginación visual de Pablo Serret (Grande Graphix) en el artwork tenemos como resultado un disco redondo en todos los sentidos.

Y aunque el disco tiene ya un largo recorrido (lleva publicado más de un año en una exclusiva y cuidada edición en vinilo rojo de 180 gramos montada a mano por el propio Guillermo) y ha sido reconocido por la prensa especializada como una de esas rarezas imprescindibles para los oídos más exquisitos, no nos ha quedado más remedio que reeditarlo en CD y poner nuestro granito de arena para que llegue a todo el mundo. Porque, no lo olvidemos, hablamos de un trabajo que lleva el bonitismo por bandera. Y si de algo sabemos en Lovemonk es de discos bonitos. Y de discos buenos. Y “Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug” es las dos cosas.

Como decía Enrique Ramos en la primera nota de prensa sobre el disco: “es un disco que rezuma amor por la música. Se pueden escuchar ecos del Brill Building, The Zombies, el primer Scott Walker, las bandas sonoras de Sherman Brothers para Disney, Michel Legrand, Curt Boettcher, música Bubblegum, toda la línea que va de la música sentimental y alegre de la América de primera mitad del siglo XX a un Sufjan Stevens de bolsillo o Jens Lekman con mirada y voz inocentes. Pop arreglado que pretende ser bonito y lo es, canciones redondas, arreglos cuidados y homenajes.

Más info:

Detrás de Wild Honey se esconde el proyecto personal de Guillermo Farré, bajista del grupo madrileño Mittens. En él ejerce de compositor, cantante y multiinstrumentista, y ha publicado dos EP (“The House By The Sea” a principios de 2008 y “Diamond Mountain” en 2010) y un larga duración (“Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug” publicado en vinilo en octubre de 2009), que ahora editamos en Lovemonk por primera vez en CD y digital.

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Incarnations – With All Due Respect (CD/LP) LMNK36

Incarnations - With All Due Respect (CD/LP) LMNK36Traversing with an understated technical assuredness, the ambitious shapes of Steely Dan, the popping lounge funk of McDonald era Doobie Brothers, the sweet mourning of the Stylistics and Delfonics, and the exquisite song-craft and flawless harmonising of CSNY, Daniel Collás (The Phenomenal Handclap Band), Bart Davenport and Bing Ji Ling have recorded an absolute darling of an album under the name Incarnations.

Daniel Collás, Quinn Luke (Bing Ji Ling) and Bart Davenport, three friends with enough musical guises, side-projects, collaborations and production jobs to fill the annual itinerary of your average musician twice over. When three CVs like these get together on a regular basis, it’s only logical they speculate and hypothecate on the possibility of an album together. But, how to make those congested diaries synchronise? Bart lives in Oakland and Quinn and Daniel are in New York, all three of them are on tour for the better part of the year.

One sunny day in Madrid, Spain, a plan was hatched and a proposal was made.

Lovemonk, a small, eclectic and affable Spanish label, dangled the carrot that clinched the deal; ‘find two weeks between gigs/productions/recordings and head down to this little place we know in Tarifa, Southern Spain’. A family-run studio, in a house 5 minutes from a wild beach and a short ferry ride from the coast of Africa; the perfect ambience for the fleeting melody and sultry grooves of the Incarnations debut album, “With All Due Respect”.

Arriving with bits and bobs of half-songs, grooves and melodies, Daniel, Quinn and Bart, sketched and improvised their way to the most intensely evocative songs you’ll hear this year.  Traversing with an understated technical assuredness, the ambitious shapes of Steely Dan, the popping lounge funk of McDonald era Doobie Brothers, the sweet mourning of the Stylistics and Delfonics, and the exquisite song-craft and flawless harmonising of CSNY.

Punctuated by a day trip across the water to Tangiers, all 9 songs were written and recorded inside a fortnight in October 2009 and laid to rest while our protagonists jetted off to their respective diary appointments. Whether it was the beach, the soft weather, the fact that you can smell Africa from the studio, the home cooked Spanish food or the relaxed environment of the recording room, when the band returned to the songs at a New York studio earlier this year, they found an album as fresh and resonant as the moment it came into being. Quickly mixed down with no over-dubs or re-records, “With All Due Respect” captures the combined gifts of Tarifa and the three very talented friends that paid a visit.

Incarnations are:
Daniel Collás: DJ, drummer, organist, and one half of production team Embassy Sound Productions, the minds behind The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Plays – drums, percussion, organ and synthesizers.
Bart Davenport: Collaborator with Greyboy, General Elektriks and The Phenomenal Handclap Band; Singer-songwriter with The Loved Ones, The Kinetics and Honeycut, and most recently a touring member of the Kings Of Convenience. Plays – guitar, bass and vocals.
Quinn Luke a.ka. Bing Ji Ling: Part of The Phenomenal Handclap Band, one half of DFA recording artists Q&A and long time member of Tommy Guerrero’s band; Solo artist on labels Ubiquity and Lovemonk among others. Plays – guitars, keyboards, vocals

The band are named after Encarnación “Nini” Sagrista, owner of the recording studio in Tarifa, who housed and fed them during their stay.

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Las ambiciosas formas de Steely Dan, el estallido groovy de la época de McDonald en los Doobie Brothers, el dulce lamento de Stylistics y Delfonics, al exquisito arte de hacer canciones de Arthur Lee y las armonías perfectas de CSNY o América – “With All Due Respect” de Incarnations respira de todo aquello pero de una manera única y poco premeditada. Bart Davenport, Daniel Collás (The Phenomenal Handclap Band) y Bing Ji Ling se juntaron en Tarifa y grabaron un discazo!

Daniel Collás, Quinn Luke (Bing Ji Ling) y Bart Davenport, son tres amigos involucrados en suficientes proyectos musicales, grupos paralelos, colaboraciones y trabajos de producción como para necesitar semanas de once días. Los tres fantasean a menudo con grabar un álbum juntos. Pero, claro con agendas llenas como las suyas casi parece una utopía, por si esto fuese poco Bart vive en Oakland y Quinn y Daniel en Nueva York. Además, los tres están de gira durante la mayor parte del año.

Hasta que un soleado día en Madrid se sembró la semilla de esta trama.

Lovemonk, uno de los sellos más acojonantes de Malasaña, ofreció el aliciente que hacía falta para que todo se desencadenase: “bloquead dos semanas en vuestras agendas de actuaciones/giras/producciones/promociones/otros y venid a un sitio maravilloso en Tarifa, en el Sur de España”. Un estudio operado por una deliciosa familia a 5 minutos de una playa casi salvaje y con vistas a África sería el ambiente perfecto para las fugaces melodías y los suntuosos grooves del álbum de debut de Incarnations, “With All Due Respect”.

Finalmente llegaron a Tarifa. Trajeron ideas pergeñadas, apuntes y notas hilvanadas, ideas de ritmos y melodías, pero nada muy cerrado. Una vez allí, Daniel, Quinn y Bart, apuntalaron algunas  de las canciones más sugerentes que se podrán escuchar este año: desde las ambiciosas formas de Steely Dan, el estallido groovy de la época de McDonald en los Doobie Brothers, el dulce lamento de Stylistics y Delfonics, al exquisito arte de hacer canciones de Arthur Lee y las armonías perfectas de CSNY o América, este disco respira de todo aquello pero de una manera única y poco premeditada.

Las 9 canciones del álbum se escribieron y grabaron a lo largo de quince días en octubre de 2009 con una pequeña escapada a Tanger de por medio y se dejaron después reposar mientras nuestros protagonistas se reincorporaban a su apretada marcha laboral hasta poder cuadrar el siguiente hito. Una vez alejados de la playa, del clima suave, del olor a África, de la comida casera española y del relajado ambiente del estudio, retomaron las canciones en un estudio de Brooklyn; la banda se encontró con un disco tan espontáneo y vibrante como  el momento en que había nacido. Allí fue mezclado sin más correcciones o grabaciones adicionales.

“With All Due Respect” captura el increíble y  mágico momento que estalló en  Tarifa y el inmenso talento de esos tres amigos.

Incarnations son:

Daniel Collás: DJ, batería, teclista, uno de los dos miembros del equipo de producción de Embassy Sound Productions, e ideólogo de The Phenomenal Handclap Band. En “With All Due Respect”: percusión, teclados y sintetizadores.

Bart Davenport: Colaborador de Greyboy, General Elektriks y muchos otros proyectos; Cantante y compositor en The Loved Ones, The Kinetics y Honeycut, y recientemente integrante de la gira de Kings Of Convenience. En “With All Due Respect”: guitarra, bajo y voces.

Quinn Luke, también conocido como Bing Ji Ling: uno de los integrantes de The Phenomenal Handclap Band, uno de los dos miembros de Q&A (del sello DFA) y, durante mucho tiempo, integrante de la banda de Tommy Guerrero; en solitario edita sus discos con sellos como Ubiquity y Lovemonk. En “With All Due Respect”: guitarra, teclados y voces.

La banda tomó su nombre, Incarnations, después de conocer a Encarnación “Nini” Sagrista, dueña del estudio de grabación de Tarifa, quien les acogió en su casa y junto a su familia hizo que todo fuese muy fácil durante esos fantásticos quince días en Tarifa.

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