Various Artists – Achilifunk (CD&BOOK) LMNK20

Achilifunk (CD&BOOK) LMNK20AchiliFunk is a proposal to recover the afroamerican influences that spilled spanish music rooted in rumba and flamenco.

Everything started in the early 6os. The legendary rumba singer Peret set the start of it all from Barcelona, the birth place of the new genre. Spanish rumba comes mainly from the collision of flamenco with afrocuban rumba, funk, soul and Fania Sound. The package includes the album and also a booklet with more than 100 pages explaining the Rumba history in spanish, english and japanese.

It contains all The Classics, but this journey into the vaults of Barcelona and Madrid’s dustiest record shops will discover many hidden gems to the avid crate diggers, great breakbeats for the sample chasers but first of all is a great party music album. The tracklist features classic and rare cuts, and as bonus tracks two newly recorded covers from this era, one featuring the legendary Peret himself.

AchiliFunk has been compiled by Txarly Brown, graphic designer, deejay, musician, black grooves enthusiast and crazy record collector from Barcelona. During the last decade he has developed a deep exploration of all things rumba. Txarly was also cofounder of seminal electronic label Novophonic and the experimental one Business Class. He has travelled Europe spinning records with The Nairobi Trio and playing with the sampladelic Camping Gaz.

Welcome to the world of Rumba, the real Spanish party music originated in Barcelona!

1. Los Fulanos Feat. Peret – Gato
2. Encarnita Polo – Paco, Paco, Paco
3. Chacho – Bum Bum
4. Smash – El Garrotin
5. Los Amaja – Que Mala Suerte La Mia
6. Dolores – Anana Hip
7. Peret – Chavi
8. Dolores Varges – La Hawaiana
10. Rabbit Rumba – Caramelos
11. Rumba Tres – Rumba Tru, La, La
12. Los Chorbos – Sones Del Chicharro
13. Los Marismenos – Pares O Nones
14. Los Chunguitos – Baila Me Ritmo
15. Trigal – Gol
16. Gato Perez – Tiene Sabor
17. Mantecao Y Su Combo – Achilifunk

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