Various Artists – Más Achilifunk (CD/LP) LMNK29

Más Achilifunk (CD/LP) LMNK29In 2007 Lovemonk released an album that took the world by surprise. Achilifunk was a great discovery for those who thought Flamenco is an impervious genre. The album, chosen one of the best compilations of the year by British magazine Wire (yes, the one with all the weird records), showed why Rumba was boss in Spain’s popular music from the late sixties to the early eighties.

Spanish Rumba began when Gipsy musicians in Barcelona adopted the Cuban and Afro-American music coming from the other side of the pond. The style soon spread all over Spain and even produced a couple of international hits.

After having shown us the roots of Rumba, Txarly Brown – the non-gipsy who knows most about Rumba – helps us to discover the future.

Mas Achilifunk, the follow-up to the successful Achilifunk is a musical trip that starts in Barcelona and subsequently travels around the world. Txarly connects the dots between the best new Rumba acts coming out of Barcelona and some of the most forward thinking remixers and producers out there. The result is an electrifying and boundary-breaking slab o’wax that will have your rump shaking before you can say “culo”.

1. Los Fulanos feat Chacho – El Pan Y Los Dientes
2. Los Manolos vs Lack Of Afro – Polonio (Lack Of Afro Remix)
3. Mantecao Y Su Combo de Rumba Moderna – Ni Más Ni Menos
4. Barrio Negro vs Jimmy Carraquelas – Báilame (Carraquelas Remix)
5. Rabbit Rumba vs Makala – Nuestro Ayer (Makala Remix)
6. Gertrudis vs Toy Selectah – Mundo Uaka (Toy Selectah Remix)
7. Ai Ai Ai vs Dj Merey – El Miracle (Dj Merey Remix)
8. Los Fulanos feat Peret vs. Miguelito Superstar – El Raggaton (Superstar Remix)
9. Makala vs Txarly Brown – Que Mala Suerte La Mia (Achilimix)
10. Muchachito Bombo Inferno vs Ale Acosta & Dj Floro – Será Mejor
11. La Troba Kung Fu vs DJ Sabo – Mírame (Sabos’ Afro Vocal Mix)
12. Papawa vs Palov & Mishkin – La Flaca (Palov & Mishkin remix)
13. Pantanito vs No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos – A Final de Mes (NSMPSM remix)
14. Los Impagaos vs Romanowski feat. Adam Theis – El Ascensor (Romawski remix)
15. Los Fulanos & Chacho vs Diesler – El Pan Y Los Dientes (Diesler remix)
16. Papawa vs Haaksman & Haaksman – La Flaca (Haaksman & Haaksman remix)

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